Today is Sunday April 18, 2010. And there are currently 18 days left until I am back home in Kennewick, WA. At the end of each semester I say that it was the fastest one yet and this still holds true today. It is already the end of my 3 and a half month life in Barcelona. Recently I have been doing a lot of stuff around the town in order to make sure I go home knowing that I didn’t miss anything. I’m sure something will pop up, but at least I’ll know that I had a worthy effort. Yesterday 15 people in our group went to Sitges, organized with our program. Our first stop was at the Cordorníu Winery. We got a tour of the cellars and where they first made the famous Catalan drink: Cava. Interesting fact: Cava is Champagne which is sparkling wine. They are all the same. Spain tried to use the name champagne, however the French were quick to say they could not do that because that symbolized France, despite using the same means of production. So the Catalan people decided to use Cava (Cave) as the name because of storing the bottles in the cellars, which are rather similar to caves. So we got a tour of their MASSIVE cellars, 4 stories underneath the factory filled top to bottom with Cava and wine. It was impressive. Interesting fact #2: The reason for the bump in the bottom of the bottles is so that they don’t turn into bombs during the fermentation process. If they were flat bottoms, pressure would build up and they would explode. We ended the tour with some tasting of two different types of Cava that they make. Granted it was about noon when the tour ended and I was a lot more in the mood for a coffee than sparkling wine, I can now check off the earliest time I have ever had a drink, but it was a cultural experience so that validates it 🙂

We then took the bus 30 minutes to the coastal pueblo of Sitges. This is a really cool city that is very quaint, with little shops and a very nice beach. The sand quality is top notch haha! I was pleasantly surprised to find a car show going on when we got down to the beach. It was all high end sports cars and F1. So I gawked for a while and snapped a few low quality pictures. I will accept coming home gifts 😉

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t in our favor for the day and it was a bit cool and windy. Nevertheless we relaxed on the beach some and took in whatever rays that were being thrown at us. Eventually 5:30 came around and we made our way back to the bus for the quick trip home to realize that this is the last full week I will be having in this city. It’s amazing how this trip has come to an end. At times I felt that it would never happen, but now I’m seeing the end of the tunnel. It’s been a long journey, but I am happily ready to be back. The list of things that I miss has gotten substantially long and I’m ready to see the people I love again. The people I have met here have really made this experience great and I am happy to say that I’ve added a few more lifelong friends to my pocket. But here we go, finals and then a wind-down trip to Nice, France before heading back to Madrid for my flight. The 18th with 18 left. Quite the coincidence.

ps. There are two ways that I keep up on the news in America: Whatever is on the BBC headlines and The Daily Show. Jon Stewart being my preferred method. But is it true that people are just loosing their minds about every political move that is happening?


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  1. I did not know that about the curved bottom of a wine bottle!
    We are counting the days too…..

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