Pizza, Vino, e Plumbers

I will be taking a break from the Spanish life this Thursday and trading it for an Italian one. I have always loved Italian food, but I got a really nice sneak peek this past weekend when a few of us made an impromptu visit to La Bella Napoli for pizza. After a worthwhile hour and a half wait(making it abour 11:30pm, which is about normal time to start dinner), we were seated in a small eating area that was packed with pizza craving Spaniards. I ordered the Pizza BCN 2000, which consisted of pizza sauce, cheese, jam and an egg in the middle. It was absolutely delicious. It is so hard to describe the amount of awesome that was packed into that pizza, but take a look at where it was made and there is no question how they do it.

We will be taking a flight from Girona(an hour outside of Barcelona) to Treviso (an hour outside of Venice) courtesy of the wonderful and gracious Ryanair. After all that traveling is done, we will have two nights to explore the city before we take a train to Ravenna for two nights. After that we will head to Florence for another two nights and then end the trip in Rome for five (including Easter Sunday). I am really excited for this break, it has come at a good time. I’ve had about enough of the classes here and this break will give me time to wind down before the final push towards the end. I am not bringing my computer, since I am taking one backpack for a week and a half of traveling, so hopefully I will be able to update once or twice via internet café.

I have also decided that as soon as my foot touches Italian ground, my Italian alias will be Mario and I will be looking for my brother throughout the entire trip.


2 responses to “Pizza, Vino, e Plumbers

  1. You’ll be looking for Giovanni? I’m very excited for you! Buon Viaggio!

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