The Gothic Quarter

Today I walked down to one of my favorite cafés down by the Universitat de Barcelona. It’s a really chill and relaxing place with a pleasant ambiance that really helps get work done. So I enjoyed a café con leche and finished reading a paper for one of my projects. Afterwards I went and explored one of my favorite parts of the city: Barri Gótic. It’s the old part of the city which has some amazing buildings built by the Romans and it’s just a really cool area to walk around. It’s always nice to go on a walk with no purpose at all and stumble upon really cool things that you never expect to find such as this, right outside the Catedral de Barcelona:

I then noticed that the Catedral was open and Saturday Mass was going on. So I walked inside to take a peek. I was in awe of how immense this building is. And the acoustics are very impressive. I caught the tail end of the service, so there was some singing and then a prayer. It was really cool. It was funny to notice how they’ve modernized such an old building to accommodate the modern age. Take a look:

Here’s a better view of the whole church:

I then walked home and now it’s dinner time!!! FOOOOOD!


4 responses to “The Gothic Quarter

  1. Old building, new technology… I get the title. 😉

  2. You’ve done a great job of sharing what you are experiencing – Your words and pictures are great, but the videos really add a whole other dimension. Thank you!

    • I didn’t want to be flashing pictures all over the place so I felt the videos would be a little more appropriate. Still though, it barely begins to describe what it’s really like in there.

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