Caffeine Induced Ramblings

After class today I stopped by one of my favorite cafés for a coffee and chocolate croissant. Sans-computer, I decided to just start writing and this is what came out:

This whole experience has taught me many things. One of the greatest things I’ve gained is the shear amount of appreciation I have for everything I left behind in the States. I might have made some good friends here, but nothing compares to what I have waiting for me at home. The people that are around truly make the environment. I could be in the absolute coolest city in the universe and it wouldn’t be great unless the people I love were around me. With that, I am really thankful for Barcelona. For how hard it has been, the knowledge I’ve gained has been tremendous and like most things, it’s not from the classroom. Classes are simply something to keep people busy. The amount of real world knowledge gained in the classroom is minimal. For the most part, it’s cram info and then dump it after the exam or project. The real learning takes place outside. The classes where I have learned the most are always the ones which applies concepts to real world situations. Such as the model UN class, working for Vandal Entertainment and living in another country. Generally, other classes were all about the facts and concepts and then an exam. The classroom has always been the “traditional” learning environment and is great for teaching the rudimentary things, but we should take an extra step and pursue alternate forms of learning; a more hands-on approach that makes an imprint in us rather than a distant memory.

And THIS is what two shots of espresso does to me haha.


3 responses to “Caffeine Induced Ramblings

  1. You are so missed here, Nick. I know I tell you that all the time, but I know it’s nice to hear. Things aren’t the same without you and EVERYONE feels that way. You are still constantly in our minds and hearts and we can’t WAIT to have you back. Until then, Barcelona is sooo lucky to have such a great guy- even if he is a little hyped up on caffeine 😉 Take great things away from Barcelona, not many can say they lived abroad. Xo

  2. I hope that somewhere along the way, you learn a few things in school, but I’m so pleased to hear you say how much you’ve learned from real life! This is good! You ARE paying attention!!!
    And yes, it would be so nice to have those you care about with you to share what you are experiencing … but for now, we are all hanging on every word and picture you share…

    • Don’t get me wrong. I have learned plenty of things in classes. But the majority of classes are so exam driven that the things you remember afterward are little. It really depends on the subject too. The classes here, with the exception of my Spanish class, aren’t very good. The professors, although accredited with lots of abbreviations after their names, are terrible professors. That is probably where the motivation for writing all this came from; I feel like the amount of learning outside of the classroom is so much more than anything in class.

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