The storm is over…for now

Midterms are finally over and another calm has came before the final storm of finals. I had a much needed mini-trip to the coastal city of Valencia with my program on Friday and Saturday. Despite the ugly weather, it was a great time. We first went and ate lunch in a restaurant all to ourselves. We had the world famous paella. It was alright, I don’t think I’m much of a fan of that stuff. I find it to be rather bland and not as “great” as it is said to be. I’d much rather have a plate of french toast, eggs and bacon. After, we went on a tour of the city in the pouring rain. It is a really cool city; a smaller version of Barcelona with more modern architecture. Valencia is famous for several things: paella, America’s Cup sailing, F1 racing, and their amazing architecture. There is a strip of buildings that have all been built by the same person who designed the Sydney Opera House. They are really something to see.

After relaxing at the hotel for a while before dinner, we went out in search of a restaurant and eventually found a little tapas place and enjoyed some coffee and tapas. It was a nice night with great company. The next day we went to the aquarium and looked at all sorts of water animals. It wasn’t anything special, pretty much your standard aquarium. We went and enjoyed some pizza at the mall across the street and then we were off back to Barcelona in the bus. I felt like we needed another night to really experience what Valencia offers. We didn’t have very much time to actually see the city, but that just means I’ll need to plan a trip back.

I’ve been working on plans for spring break, which is approaching quickly, and today I finally bought a plan ticket to Venice, Italy, where I will begin my adventure of Italy for the duration of the week and a half. I will be ending the trip in the coastal town of Civitavecchia(an hour outside of Rome), where I’ll be taking a cruise ship with Josiah back to Barcelona and hopefully avoiding any rogue waves. We still need to hammer out the details of where we’ll go between the beginning and the end, but it’s good to finally have an outline for the week.

This week will be light on the schoolwork side, but I need to work on several group projects that are still looming over my head and will be until after spring break. The weather has been the exact opposite of the northwest; I was talking to my host mom’s daughter today and she was telling me how strange the weather has been recently. She said it’s usually warm and beautiful, but it’s anything but that right now. It’d be nice if that changed.

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3 responses to “The storm is over…for now

  1. Thank you for taking the time to share more. I for one appreciate it. The photos are wonderful too!

  2. You are in for a big treat in Italy. Highly recommend the town of Padua and go out into the countryside to see the villas. Then you must visit Ravenna. This was the temporary capitol of the Roman Empire when Constantine was emperor. It has the world’s best early Christian architecture and iconography. Study up on the Arian heresy on Wikopedia. You will see lots of references to that in Ravenna. Many do not realize the competing forms of Christianity as the early church grew. On your final leg into Rome stop at Tivoli and go to Hadrian’s Villa.

    • Wow! Thank you so much. Good timing too. This afternoon I’m meeting with the people I’m traveling with and talking about where we should go, so I’ll definitely make these suggestions.

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