Yes, I’m alive.

Please excuse my failure to keep up with this thing recently. Life has been rather hectic with school lately. I had two midterms this morning that were intense. One of them in my Inequality, Poverty and Globalization class, which consisted of 3 essay questions and another nerve racking oral midterm in my International Business class. This was killer. I had three questions, the first and easiest of them I couldn’t answer. I froze, couldn’t think of ANYTHING. So I threw that question away and completely dominated the second two. Leaving me with a passing score. We’ll leave it at that.

Another reason for not keeping up was that after my really great birthday, I had to battle what seemed like food poisoning. That was terrible and lasted WAY too long. But now I’m better and everything is going well. I have a 5000-word paper to bust out this weekend for Monday and a midterm for International Economics on Wednesday, but I am not too worried about that one. The weather is looking up recently; it has been in the 60s with sunny skies, that would be nice if I wasn’t studying and in class the whole time, but I guess I did come over here for school…

My birthday! Ok so after classes, a bunch of us met up for dinner…the girls were so kind and made reservations. We ate at this Italian restaurant I picked our prior because I read good things about it. I ordered the Lasagna, which was excellent and possible the cause to my pain the following days. For dessert I got a dulce de leche crepe that was delicious. Then they surprised me with a beautiful homemade card! It had water coloring and everyone signed it for me, it was so nice. After we went to go find a bar. While waiting in the plaza to meet the two girls who lost us on the metro, they come walking up with MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE CREAM! It turns out they had been talking with Marina and she informed them of all the things that would make my birthday like being at home…They did a great job and they really went above and beyond trying to make it feel like home. I really appreciated it since being this far away for my birthday without my close friends and family is very weird.

I came to notice something today while walking to the café, where I’m currently writing this with a chocolate cookie and café con leche by my side. The awe factor of living here has somewhat dwindled. On the way here I walked by the Sagrada Família and thought nothing of it. I see it everyday and it has just become the normal scenery for my daily life. It’s just so normal. It’s very NOT normal though, it is a masterpiece of architecture and it is still under construction! These are just my thoughts for the day. I am living in Barcelona/Spain/Europe for 3 ½ months!  Wow. Plans for the weekend: relax, get that paper finished with and maybe go explore a new part of the city that I haven’t been to yet.


2 responses to “Yes, I’m alive.

  1. 🙂 Birthday! It was fun, they were all very generous and kind.

    And what? You are outside enjoying the town and culture almost everyday! Haha You went there for school AND that! 😉

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