The first weekend

Weekends start on Thursday for me. It’s an amazing thing that should be the norm for students starting in high school and all the way through college. It finally feels like a good balance between work and play.

Friday at 3pm we went on a bus tour of the city in order to give us a good insight as to where we should visit on our free time. The city is beautiful and I know that I chose the right city. We ended the tour by stopping at Parque de Güell, which was originally designed by Antoni Gaudi, the architect who designed Sagrada Familia and several other famous Spanish landmarks. It was created as a suburb area that allowed 60 plots of land to be sold so people could move out of the polluted and dirty city center. However only Gaudi and Güell actually purchased land and built a house there. Now it is a really nice park that gives you a great view of the entire city. There are also lots of Gaudi inspired aspects of the park that are cool.

After the tour, a few of us went and got some tapas to snack on to hold us over till dinner. After dinner we found this cool place where Picasso used to work on his paintings and hung out there for a little while before making our way back to the apartment. This weekend has been quiet and very relaxing. It’s cool to finally live in a city where there are things to do and places to go see. It’s a pleasant change. Café con leche is an amazing creation as well. It’s essentially a small latté, but so much better. We were talking about coffee one night at dinner and my host mom said that American coffee is “agua sucia” or dirty water HAHA. But it’s fairly accurate. The coffee here is great and has so much flavor. I found a café that has wifi close to my apartment and it plays American music videos on big screen TVs. The music here is funny, you can definitely see the delay of new music getting over here. Many places are stuck in the late 80s to mid 90s. And mullets and leather jackets are the “in” thing here. Very different.


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