Day 9

It’s amazing how the weather can completely change your attitude and emotions. Today was the first sunny day that I’ve had in Spain, crystal clear skies and high 50’s. It was such a nice day, there was absolutely no drive to be in classes, yet I still went and suffered through it. Luckily I get both of them out of the way in the morning. After class I decided to go grab a café con leche and eat my sandwich outside and then go on a walk. I took the metro to an area that I haven’t been to before; I wanted to go to this really big park where some of the olympics were held in ’92. I got close, but then decided I didn’t want to wander my way through this mountain of a park on my own. Instead I decided to head down the the Mar (Sea) and enjoy the day down there. It was wonderful. There was a nice breeze and it was such a beautiful backdrop. I sat down by the water and enjoyed my orange from lunch and just took everything in.

Afterwards, instead of taking the dark underground metro back to the apartment, I decided I’d maneuver the streets. After 3 hours of walking I made it back and it was time to relax.

More pics:

We decided that a few of us would go out to dinner and enjoy the beginning to our weekend. We went to this really good Mediterranean restaurant near Plaza Catalunya. I had this chicken and veal bruchette, which is essentially a kabob, and a potato cake thing with a starter of calamari. It was a great dinner with good people. Later we met up with some others and found this Irish Pub, created for the sole use of consoling Americans and making them feel like they’re back at home in the late 80’s and 90’s according to their music. 1:00am came around and the group decided to head to this club. There is a whole block of them by the beach and immediately it became sketchy. We were in line and these three [insert term for not classy] American girls are screaming at this cab driver who was trying to steal her phone because they didn’t pay for their cab ride. It totally slipped my mind how cab rides are free in America, so it’s an honest mistake on the girl’s part. Now being my first club experience because A) Moscow, ID enough said…and B) crossing a border now made me more of an adult, this was something I figured that I would try it out. We got in there and it was super dark, flashing lights and very loud remixed music, with the pleasant addition of paid dancers to put the icing on the cake. For me it was more of a comedy club than dance club. Watching people and their actions is something that can be really entertaining. It wasn’t packed, but it was packed with Americans with a few locals mixed in there too, I’m guessing that they were paid as well. It was all American music, as is with every other establishment in Barcelona. Drinks were 9€..I don’t believe I need to say anymore about that. If anyone really knows me, they know that I didn’t spend a penny at that place. That club was my toilet and television for the night. It came time to leave so we got a cab and we were home at about 5am…before sunrise and still considered early to many people here!


6 responses to “Day 9

  1. Wow, looks amazing 🙂 Good for you! Hope the night out with your friends was just as great. Too bad your senora will have to eat the leftover fat sticks all by herself. I know you were really looking forward to those 😉

  2. Cabs are not free in America!

  3. Did you add more to this today? I don’t remember reading the last part… But right, which cabs are free? I need to start taking those!

  4. Ooops – your very dry cab sarcasm went flying past me – I get it now!

  5. I did add more because more needed to be added. And I’m glad my dry comedy wasn’t too terribly hard to catch on to. It only took 1 1/2 hours.

  6. oh man, nothing like obnoxious americans to make us all look bad. sounds like a good time 🙂

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