Day 8 AKA The Day I Discovered Fat Sticks®

I had class today at 9:00am, so without getting lost, it took me about 35 minutes to get to the other campus. Either way, I don’t live close to school. International Economics started out the day, it was good and I can tell it’s not going to be that hard of a class. After class I got a café con leche at the café on campus, which also sells alcoholic beverages ON CAMPUS! What a crazy place, I just tried to imagine what Idaho would be like if it had something like that, I have a feeling if the school seriously wanted to solve their financial problems, they would take advantage of their opportunities and make a large amount of profits! 🙂

After the amazing coffee, I decided to go explore around the campus. It is sunny and about 60 degrees outside so there was no reason to hang out inside until my next class at 2:00. I ended up walking down Carrer de Indepencia all the way down until finally reaching my goal:

Spanish class came around and I suddenly found myself as the only male in the room; everyone else was female. I also realized that I was placed in a 100 level Spanish class after studying the language for 7 years! So after doing basic conversation and conjugation, myself and 5 other people all went and talked to the professor about how we were all placed way too low for our skills. He was a bit overwhelmed with all of us wanting to be in a higher class, but he said he’d try his best to place us in a higher level. So I’m waiting for an email to tell me if I made it into a higher level. After class I met up with my friend and met a new one in the process. The three of us went to a café and talked for about an hour. It was a really nice way to relax after a long day of class. But that wasn’t the best part…

Dinner. Let me first say that the food thus far has been great, nothing has really grossed me out or made me feel uncomfortable by sight or taste. However tonight was a large exception. We always start with soup and the soup tonight was a broth with pork, every type of pork; sausage, jerky and scraps were floating around my bowl and Brian, my roommate, even found a 3-inch bone in his soup. There were also potatoes and carrots in the soup. Then came the second dish, potato chips(lays style) and Fat Sticks®. I trademark this name because these things are going to be the new hit for obese America. They looked like mini corndogs or mozzarella sticks. I first tried one without knowing what they were and it made me think of mashed potatoes with a breading around it and fried, but with the potatoes really mushy and thick. Then, stupid me, asked the question, ¿Qué son estos? Or What are these? The mystery was solved when she said, “Chicharrón de jamón.” Jamón meaning ham or pork and a chicharrón is a fried piece of meat. However there was certainly no meat inside that crispy outer shell; it was fried pork fat. Now my gag reflex was getting reared up for action, but I was able to hold it back and stuff 4 of those suckers down. I wouldn’t be upset if I never saw those again.


5 responses to “Day 8 AKA The Day I Discovered Fat Sticks®

  1. ok, I have lots of questions! But I won’t burden you with most of them…what do you do, the next time you are served Fat Sticks????

  2. Reminds me of a dinner I had in the Netherlands. They served some kind of cold and slimy delicacy which almost came up as fast as it went down. It was a particularly challenging meal.

  3. Nick; Noah had some food adventures as well. His senora was also an older, single lady. She made the two staying there two sandwiches (on hoagie type rolls) a day; one for breakfast (she was already at work) and the second for their lunch. Pretty uninteresting, except for the days she put tongue in the sandwiches! Noah went to a friends for dinner and found that his host mom was a gourmet cook. That was his only complaint about her however. He ended up buying more food than he expected. I’m enjoying your blog!

    • Wow! Sounds very similar to me. We get bread/little cookie things for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and usually soup and something else for dinner. Don’t ask, don’t investigate, just eat. That’s the only way to get through some of the stuff. Let alone there’s a leg of a pig, hoof and all, hanging out on the dinner table, less than a foot away.

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