Day 7

Today was the first day of class. I woke up extra early to be able to get to class because I had never been to this campus before, let alone find my classes within the building. 8:00am I left the apartment, got on the metro, switched over to the train and got off at my stop Sarría. This is where things went downhill quickly. I walked in the direction I thought the school was, but due to the lack of street signs in this city, I really had no idea where I was going. So I asked a young guy next to me, he told me to turn around and go to the right. I did so and still had no idea where I was, so I walked and walked and walked around Barcelona until I eventually found the street I need to be on and I looked up and saw UAB(My school). I walked into class at 9:20, so a normally 30min metro ride turned into an hour and twenty minutes. That was one of the most frustrating things in the world, I kept thinking how I wish it was just simple like in Moscow. The professor was really nice though, she expected people to be late or not even show up. I wasn’t even the last one in the class, one girl walked in 45min late. The next class was right next door at 11am, which was very nice. I liked not having to walk all over the earth to find a stupid classroom. Both classes seem cool: Inequality, Poverty and Globalisation, and International Business. They’re cool professors, both originally from the Barcelona area. After my last class I went back to the apartment, ate some lunch and then went to the ISA office, where I picked up an international phone and hung out on the free wi-fi.


3 responses to “Day 7

  1. Sorry to hear you got lost – that must have had a few moments of panic for you! But, now that you’ve done it once, think how much easier it will be tomorrow! And I’m so glad you are not too proud to ask for directions!!

    • Serious panic, I think I muttered hatting this stupid city and why there are no signs anywhere and why are they all not Spanish when I’m in Spain! It’s all Catalan, an evil hybrid of Spanish and French with hints of Italian and Portuguese. But it was quite the relief to finally find the place. Asking wasn’t the hard part, listening to them and understanding their directions was the hardest.

  2. Hahahaha, you’re so funny, Nick 🙂
    But no worries, you’ll pick everything up! It’s only the first week or so…. Oh no. That sounded awful. REWIND!!
    But really, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING will get easier and more familiar and comfortable. With that comes more FUN! Love you! You’re doing so well, it’s a huge relief. It makes it much easier on everyone else, too! 🙂

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