Day 5

The days got all messed up because of that stupid flight, so I’m calling this day 5 again, just go with it.

Another early morning and lots of waiting before a 9-hour bus ride from Toledo to Barcelona. It’s cool to see the landscape of Spain. It’s very similar to the northwest, minus the dense trees and forests. More like eastern Washington with olive trees everywhere. Overall we spent over 10 hours in that bus before we finally made it to the drop off spot in Barcelona. We all got off the bus to meet our host family and I met my señora, Marta. She is an older lady who lives on her own and has lived here her whole life. She is very nice and fairly easy to understand. We got to her apartment and each of us got our own room right next to each other. Small barely begins to describe the size of this room. Probably my closet times two. But eventually I found room for all of my things and then we had dinner. She cooked us soup and sausage with bread and mandarin oranges. It was a very good meal. She talked on the phone most of the time and talked to us about a few logistical things. It was nice, but I still can’t believe I’ll be here for a whole semester…


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