Day 3

Today was museum day. After an excellent more than continental breakfast, we went to El Prado museum and had a guided tour with a small group. We had the choice to be in English, Spanglish and Spanish language tours and we chose the Spanish group. It was great, our tour guide was very good and was able to portray the history and meanings of the paintings from the 16th, 17th and 18th century. We focused our tour on Vasquez, Greco and Goya. It is very difficult to depict the grandiosity of these masterpieces. We weren’t allowed to take pictures in the museum though, so it’s even harder to show just how big and old these paintings are.

After a break for lunch we went to the Reina Sofia museum, which holds 20th century pieces of work. Here we saw Picasso’s Guarnica. It had it’s own room and was bigger than anything I’ve ever seen. It was so big and so impressive to see this great painting; unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures in this room. After we went to several others, including Dali, who is my favorite of the modern art we saw.

We had free time for the rest and we walked Madrid more, visited some shops and ate dinner later.



One response to “Day 3

  1. Very bold choice to do the Spanish tour!!!! Show Day 1 you will overcome the language barrier! 😉

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