Day 1

4:00am I turn on zombie mode and get myself and my belongings into the car for my mom to take me to the airport.

5:00am I get to the airport and get everything checked in and ready to go. Goodbyes are always tough and never a delightful process, but it was good. After getting patted down and having my bag get re-scanned and searched, only to find that a thick book was the culprit, I made my way to the gate and boarded the plane.

6:00am We took off from Pasco, everything went exactly as planned and we even arrived 15 minutes early. I found my way to the concourse for my next flight and it delighted me to encounter an Einstein Bros Bagels, which I was only introduced to a week prior. Thank goodness for the person who discovered coffee. This will get me through the next flight to Philadelphia.

11:15am I board my flight to Philadelphia and enjoy the 3hr flight with three whole seats to myself. It was a nice and relaxing flight. Everything went smoothly and we landed and I found my way to my final gate to Madrid. I had 3 hours to kill until I depart around 8:45pm. It’s crazy how my day has just disappeared. It’s already dark again and after this flight, it will already be Thursday.

The longest flight ever! After eating a poor excuse for a frozen dinner, I attempted to sleep and probably accomplished 1 hour of mediocre sleep. We arrived on time and after departing and managing our way through the maze of El Aeropuerto de Madrid, we got to customs. They didn’t seem to like the huge group of Americans that were waiting in line.  I went up and handed the officer my passport and he asked me a very simple question: “¿Qué vas a estudiar?” What are you going to study? And my reply was a frozen face of exhaustion and very slow brain movement. He said something else in Spanish and I just gave him a glazed over look and said, “Sí.” I got my passport back and headed to pickup my luggage. I then proceeded to the exit and found my group. I got on the bus and we were off to the hotel. The hotel was nice and small, very cozy with a great view of outside. After meeting my roommate and taking a much-needed shower, we went off and found a place to eat named Café de Arte. It was a really neat café on the corner of the street. I had an amazing café con leche (coffee with milk) and a Panini Italiano. I still don’t believe that I really am here. It is unreal.


One response to “Day 1

  1. “Si” Aw, haha, it will get better!!!

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