All Set

Well time has surely flown by this winter break. It’s unbelievable how fast January 13th has snuck up to me. Packing for 4 months has been fairly stressful, but at the same time it’s a relief to know that it’s done and I’m all set to take off tomorrow in the early morning. Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day and I’m praying that it is delay-free and all my connections are made. Luckily I was able to book my flight through Pasco and not a larger surrounding airport. I travel from Pasco to Denver, then to Philadelphia and then to Madrid; landing around 10am on Thursday the 14th. I will miss everyone very much and I hope you all have a wonderful semester and a great spring! Please keep in touch, as much as you care about where and what I am doing, I care about what everyone else is doing as well. I will be updating this as often as possible and there will be many many pictures taken. Take care.


One response to “All Set

  1. Spain has the most incredible man coming to them. While the US is missing you, we’ll be keeping in touch and awaiting all your stories. Then, comes May, your family and friends will be here with open arms (your girlfriend with plenty of tears) more than ready to have you back. Until then, do this for YOU. Enjoy this amazing opportunity because it is something you will so benefit from and enjoy. Xoxo love you!

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