Vegas Vacation

After a very relaxing time spent up at the cabin with my family, I took a trip down to Las Vegas to visit Marina and celebrate New Years and our first year of being together. It was a very fun and action packed week. I had so much fun with her, her friends and her amazing family.

After an extremely early (5:15am) flight out of Pasco and several naps in order to make it until midnight for the new year, we ate some really good pizza and got all dressed up to head down to the strip, as did a hundred thousand other people. We walked up and down the strip, stopping at Denny’s to kill some time and enjoy some apple pie. Eventually midnight came around and we were situated right in the middle of the strip and the fireworks lit up the sky, up and down the strip, everywhere around us.It was a great night and luckily it was only the first. Then next day Marina and I celebrated our first year of being together by going out to Macaroni Grill and having an appetizer of calamari and then I had a lemon chicken pasta. After a great dinner and going to get a Red Box movie, we went to BJ’s Brewery and ordered their famous pizookie, a large, fresh baked chocolate cookie topped with ice cream and oreo mousse. Soooo delicious!

Another night, after a failed attempt to see Avatar IMAX 3D due to a packed theater where the only open seats were in the nauseating front row, Marina, Liz and I went to M&M world and explored the 3 story building full of M&M paraphernalia. We ended the great week with going to the Adventuredome indoor theme park with Marina and her sister Sunny. It was a lot of fun and a really enjoyable day. After a rocky start due to payment issues with the park, which ultimately charged Marina double and caused a unneeded amount of stress, we were off to enjoy all of the crazy rides in the pink dome of the classy Circus Circus hotel.We took a quick trip afterwards to the newly built City Center, which has these two very new, very modern and very cool hotels and shopping center. It was amazing how much money was put into these places and how extravagant they are. The architecture was very impressive and it was a really neat place to be.Her family was so nice and gracious towards me and I love being there with them. They are wonderful people. But now I’m back home in Kennewick for my final week in the States until I depart next Wednesday. It’s crazy how fast this date has been sneaking up on me.


3 responses to “Vegas Vacation

  1. It was good to have you brother, sorry we didn’t see more of each other.
    Here’s to a safe and productive Spring 2010!

  2. I love you, Nick. What an amazing year and amazing visit. Weeeeeeee! My NAME was even in this one. PBD….
    No pics from Red though? I mean, we WERE in the VIP room. Again, PBD.

  3. It was good to see you to Taylor, new years was a blast! I’ll see you again though for sure! Good luck with all your work stuff and school.

    Marina, VIP everywhere we go. Fo Sho!

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