Holy Cow

This semester has been very interesting. Not to mention that it has flown by! I can’t believe it’s already over. Classes were good, minus history of rock and roll(an exciting name to a surprisingly boring and dull class), I’m feeling quite challenged with the material I’ve had to learn and study for my classes, and the entire process of planning for studying abroad has been a great learning experience. Finals week has been tough, lots of coffee and late nights cramming, but I’ll be extremely relieved once it is all over. Saying goodbye to friends over break is usually not a big deal, I’ll see them in a month. However this time it has been a little tougher. Not only did I need to move out of the house early to make room for the replacement roommate to cover me while I’m away, but I have to say goodbye to people for 5 months, nearly half a year. It’s a very weird feeling. I’m very appreciative of technology and how it makes communication so much easier for people. But the one thing it doesn’t replace are the late nights of sitting around, maybe watching Gordon Ramsay yell at some incompetent chef or just talking about random things that come up in conversation. The one on one, or one on six, communication is something that can never be replaced and I’m very happy of all the times that I’ve experienced that in the past 2 1/2 years.

I know that life makes us all extremely busy and we can often lose sight of friendships, but it’s important to continue to reach out to your friends that you have, near or far. We need that support, that base of a relationship for our lives that helps us get by. Finals are about over and I look forward to seeing old friends again over break and hopefully meeting some great ones overseas, but the core group can never be replaced. It’s a dynamic group that is ever-changing, but will never be forgotten.

Hopefully I’ll start doing this more often, in hopes of keeping everyone updated with what’s going on in my life, but more importantly attempting to keep in touch with everyone. Life is busy, but the simple question of “How are you? What’s new with you?” can go a long ways. And don’t just answer with the default, “Good.” If they care, they want to know a little more than that.


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